Moat leads the way with ICT

Culture of ICT in the Moat

ICT has been a big part of school life for the last 10 years. The school was heavily involved in a RTU ‘Empowerment through ICT’ project in 2005-7, collaborating with 5 other WELB primary schools.  These schools then were way ahead of the game. 

ICT remains firmly on our school agenda and much of that success can be attributed to our ICT co-ordinator, Mrs Neely, who has a real zeal and passion for the use of ICT.  Mrs Neely regularly reads ICT blogs and attends ICT conferences both here and in Britain.  She has led the raising of ICT standards, providing clear direction based on an inspirational vision both she and the principal set for ICT a few years ago. The ICT Team consists of Mrs Neely, Mrs McElwaine and classroom assistant, Miss Brown, who holds an ICT degree. Together they set high standards and expectations and inspire confidence in the Moat staff.

Over the years we have invested heavily in ICT. Our young children are growing up in a world in which technology is so pervasive…. that to them it is the norm.  IPads has been the school's latest venture.  You will find ICT is in use most of the time in some form or other as a teaching and a learning tool.  It certainly complements and extends the traditional means of learning.

We cannot leave ICT out of our SDP at any time. With an unprecedented rate of change in the use of technology in wider society, which continues to challenge us back in our schools, we must always keep ICT to the fore. Developments in ICT can be found in our overall ICT action plan.  Equally ICT can feature in the Literacy/Numeracy/ Learning through Play Action Plans.

Subject Area IPad apps

Developing Creativity IPad apps

Using IPads in the classroom

Ipads with Parents

Ipads with Grandparents 

PTFA (Parent Partnership) AWARD NI and UK Winners 2014

Using PC and laptop 

Other Technology Used

Computer Programming

Using ICT across the Curriculum

Planning for ICT

Planning for ICT in the Moat ensures coverage of the statutory requirements for ICT as set out under the 5 ‘E’s – Explore, Express, Exchange, Evaluate and Exhibit.

All pupils have opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and competencies commensurate with their age and abilities as they progress through the school.

ICT with the Community

Over the last 7 years we have delivered various ICT programmes to members of the community.  Funding has been sought from Awards for all, FACT and Extended Schools.

Film: Moat's Good Practice in ICT


E Safety Tool

The Moat website was one of the first developed in Co Fermanagh.  It is at the leading edge in terms of content, guidance and in keeping parents up to date with what is happening in school.

Impact on Standards

ICT permeates the learning in our school and adds much value to the processes of learning. 

"We know that we are doing something right when we see standardised scores in both Literacy and Numeracy improving. We know that we are doing something right when we read the pupils' stories on the ipad and their keenness to practise numberfacts. we only have to look at how many more calculations they can do inside two minutes compared to what they may have done with traditional pen and paper… and there is no marking!

We are witnessing significantly increased levels of pupil engagement. The children are engrossed in their learning and this in turn raises levels of attainment and self-esteem, particularly with struggling learners. 

When I hear a teacher tell me that their class is fully engaged and focused while learning using ICT then I know that what we are doing is making a difference.

In our school we see the 3 Rs in a different format:

1) Raising levels of achievement for all

2) Reducing exclusion; and

3) Reducing the workload on teaching staff.” Mrs Humphreys, Principal of Moat Primary School, Lisnaskea.