MOAT ECO-COUNCIL MEMBERS 2017-18

    Ethan Rusk            Andrea Lunny         Adam McAllister        Jessica Thompson        Abbie Walmsley        Jake Sembhi    

   Emma Bullock    Jamie Jennings        Emma McElwaine       Dylan McElwaine

 Pupils are elected by fellow class members to represent their class. Pupils remain on the Eco-Council throughout  their primary school career in order to ensure progress and stability.

Staff Representatives:    Mrs Lisa McElwaine and Mrs June Irwin

Parent RepresentativesMrs Joanne Willis                     


AWARDED IN 2009 AWARDED IN 2010 Moat win ECO Flag in 2015
            Awarded in 2009             Awarded in 2010            Awarded in 2015 and again in 2017

2016 and 2017 Topics

Sustaining Good Practice from ECO FLAG in 2015