Pupil Websites 

P1-3 websites

P4-5 websites

P6-7 websites

 A number of websites have been ear-marked for the pupils. The school pays for pupils in the school to access the following programmes and sites.

Most pupils in Years 3-7 participate in Accelerated Reading.

You can click on the link above to see how your child is performing in his/her tests.


All pupils in Years 3-7 have a login name and password for alta maths. It is expected that pupils take time to practice areas of their maths. Tests are undertaken in school.

It is always important that you, as parents, are vigilant when your child is using the PC, laptop , iPad or any device which connects to the Internet. The guidance below has proven useful to parents. 







The school has purchased LEXIA.

If your child has been sent home to practice LEXIA, he/she will have been given log in details.

This programme is designed for the pupil to work through alone without adult or sibling assitance.


LEXIA Information


How to use LEXIA at home