Moat Primary School


Parents are always made feel welcome. 

Parent Meetings with Teachers (2017/18)T

Years 1-7 Parents - Monday 4th September Year Group Information Evening

Year 1 Parents - Individual Parent meetings in September

Year 7 Parents - Individual Parent Meetings in September

Year 1 Parents Workshops:  September and October

Years 1-6 parents- Individual Parent Meetings in November

Years 2 and 3 showcasing work to parents in October/November

Years 4-6 showcasing work to parents in December


 Year 7 Parents Meeting with Principal in February:'Secondary Schools Applications'

Year 6 Parents Meeting  in January on 'Transfer 2017-18'

Years 1-7 Parent Teacher Meetings in February

Year 1 Reading Meeting in February

P3 showcasing work to parents in February

P1-2 showcasing work in March

DELTA Meetings for parents of Incoming Year 1 pupils (2018-19) In March, April and May


Year 6 Parents Meeting - May/June

 Parents are always welcome to contact the school/ class teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss their child's progress.

A written Annual School Report is issued in June.