Parents are always made feel welcome. Parents are very supportive, not only in supporting their child at school, but in helping to organise and run many events.

Parent Meetings with Teachers (2016/17)


Year 1 Parents - Individual Parent meetings in September

Year 7 Parents - Individual Parent Meetings in September

Years 1-7 Parents - Monday 5th September 2016 Year Group Meetings

Years 1-6 parents- Individual Parent Meetings in October/Novembeyears 

 Years 4-6 showcasing work to parents in December


 Year 7 Parents Meet with Principal in February:'Secondary Schools Applications'

Year 6 Parents Meeting  in January on 'Transfer 2016-17'

Years 1-7 Parent Teacher Meetings Monday 13- Wed 15th Feb

Year 1 Reading Meeting in February

DELTA Meetings for parents of Incoming Year 1 pupils (2016-17)

P3 showcasing work to parents in February

P1-2 showcasing work in March


DELTA Meetings for parents of Incoming Year 1 pupils

Year 6 Parents Meeting - May/June

 Parents are always welcome to contact the school/ class teacher to arrange an appointment to discuss their child's progress.

A written Annual School Report is issued in June.