Moat Primary School

Promoting and Encouraging High Quality Learning Experiences for our Pupils



Our overarching theme for our 2016-19 School Development Plan is to promote and encourage high quality learning experiences for our pupils in the Moat. We review our plan every three years in detail. Our school development plan (which can be seen below) is also available on request.

Our aim is to encourage our pupils to SOAR and FLY. So let's BRING IT ON!

Soar and Fly with High Quality Learning Experiences

 In this 2016-19 school development plan we are concentrating on promoting and encouraging quality learning experiences as outline in a section of The BIG PICTURE below. An outline of some of these quality learning experiences includes the promotion of the following:

INVESTIGATIVE AND PROBLEM-SOLVING ACTIVITIES: Weseek to give our pupils good opportunities to be involved in investigative and problem solving activities - activities that really encourage them to think, take account of different factors and work with others and so encourage them to acquire the necessary skills to develop as an individual and as a contributor to society.

LINKS BETWEEN CURRICULAR AREAS: Over the past years we have planned lessons to include good links between curricular areas such as Maths within Science or a written account as a result of a historical trip. There is Literacy in History and there is Numeracy in Science! Your child's class topics will have activities to allow your child to use Literacy, Numeracy and ICT across the curriculum.

SEEING THE PURPOSE IN LEARNING: Children learn best when they see the purpose of their learning and when they can relate it to something in every day life, hence we try to provide learning experiences that are relevant and enjoyable.

ACCESS TO MEDIA-RICH SKILLS: We are growing up in a more culturally diverse society and so our teaching needs to reflect this. We have been fortunate to have more ipads and hence access to media-rich skills which are what our children will need in this fast changing world.

HANDS-ON  LEARNING: We encourage integrated, active hands on learning; learning where choice is offered. It is crucial that children's learning is challenged, so you can expect your child to be suitably challenged. 

SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT: This is a very caring school and hence positive reinforcement and lessons suited to pupils' learning styles are always considered. The Moat, with its 'caring learning achieving' ethos, seeks to provide a supportive environment, where children are encouraged to surmount any barriers they may have to learning. Over the past two years we have sought to examine Dyscalculia and Learning Needs in the area of Literacy. All staff have been involved in training.

SELF REFLECTION: We encourage our staff to engage regularly in self-reflection and equally our pupils as they become more empowered to achieve their potential and make informed and responsible decisions in their lives.