Moat Primary School


The children acquire early mathematical concepts through activities that involve sorting, matching, comparing, classifying, and making patterns and sequences in a variety of contexts. These activities involve the children in playing, exploring and investigating, talking, listening to others and asking and answering questions. Talking about their work, reasoning and describing approaches involved has a high priority in each classroom. 

Using ICT in Maths

Extensive use is made of ICT, the interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, the computer suite and the numerous mathematical games and equipment to support the acquisition of mathematical concepts and skills.

Outdoor Mathematics

We have developed Maths Trails in our school grounds for all classes. These trails enable our pupils to use their mathematics in real problem-solving scenarios outdoors.

Numeracy is a life skill used in making everyday decisions for adults. Hence mathematical ideas are presented to the children in meaningful contexts.

The children learn through a wide range of practical activities, including games to consolidate their learning.

Developing Mathematical Skills

The children are given opportnities, on a regular basis, to develop their skills in mental mathematics, to estimate and approximate, and to investigate and make simple predictions in all areas of mathematics and across the curriculum.

World Maths Day

World Maths Day involves interactive ‘hands-on’ activities planned for the whole day. These activities involve all the children moving from one station to the other throughout the school, the playground, assembly hall, ICT suite, corridors and carpark. It is very much a fun hands-on thinking day where the children have the opportunity to put mathematics and numeracy into very meaningful and practical contexts.